CRNC Meeting Information

CRNC general (membership) and board meetings are generally held (starting with the Sept 2008 meeting) the second Monday of every other month: January, March, May, July, September, and November. General meetings precede the board meetings; both are open meetings. They usually start at 7:00 pm. at the home of Julie and Cliff Stranburg, 19122 SW Tile Flat, Beaverton, 503 628 0680 e-mail for directions.  See the homepage for the next meeting date.

4 March 2011 CRNC Meeting Minutes

Call to Order at 7:27 p.m.

Members:  Cliff and Julie Stranburg with Rufus; Laurie, Lyndsay and Bethany Ewert with Kona & Marley; Karen Schneider; Dan and Donna Acevedo; Kurt and Jackie Leipzig; Dave Lively with Toby; Michael Tobin.

1.  Julie still needs to review the club yearbook pictures.

2.  Upcoming Parades and other events:
    a) Long Beach, WA Loyalty Days Parade will be held on Sunday, May 1st.  The entrance fee is $10.  Julie will be in charge of this event. Judging will be conducted at 10:30 a.m. and we must be in our line up position by that time.  Please arrive by 9:45 a.m. and wear the CRNC club jacket.  The theme is “Honor and Remember”.
    b) Hazel Dell Parade will be held on Saturday, May 21st.  The theme is “Stars and Stripes Forever”. The entrance fee is $10. Laurie will get the application turned in for this one.
    c)  Long Beach Peninsula Garage Sale.  This will be a Club Fundraising event over Memorial Weekend, May 28, 29 and 30th.  Please help support the club by either helping this weekend and/or donating some items that could be sold.
    d)  Starlight Parade.  This event will be held on June 4th.  We have paid the $250 entrance fee.  We still need to look into a flat bed rental.  Karen agreed to contact Star Rental and find out how much a rental will cost.
    e)  Doggie Olympics will be held in Long Beach, WA on Friday and Saturday, June 24 and 25.  All dogs must be spayed or neutered to participate.     This is an individual event and not a club-organized event.
    f)  Seaman’s Day will be held at Fort Clatsop in Astoria on Wednesday, July 13th.   Please contact Laurie for more information.
    g)  The Scappoose Sauerkraut Festival will be held on Saturday, September 17th.

3.  Matt Jeffers has donated $100 to the club. We sent him a thank you card signed by everyone in attendance.

    The Oregon Humane Society’s Doggie Dash will be held on May 14 on the downtown waterfront in Portland. This is also an individual event, not a club-organized event. Registration is $25 in advance and $30 the day of the event. All info is at

The Club’s account balance is $240.00

No news to report.
Michael shared that “History keeps marching on”.

The next board meeting will be held on Monday, May 9th.

CRNC Meeting Minutes: 9 January 2011

Delicious Potluck occurred between 1:00 – 2:30 pm followed by the formal club meeting.   Thank you for all bringing such wonderful dishes to share.

CRNC Meeting
Call to Order at 2:40 p.m.

2011 Membership dues were opened and counted.   Collected were $380 for dues and $50 for Newfoundland Dog Rescue

2011 CRNC Board Elections.  Board Ballots were then opened and tallied by Jackie Leipzig, the Nominating Coordinator.  The 2011 board members remain unchanged from 2010:

President:    Julie Stranburg
Vice President: Laurie Ewert
Secretary:  Karen Schneider
Treasurer:  Kristina Cooper
Historian:  Michael and Savannah Tobin

The 2 Members at Large for 2011 are:  Cliff Stranburg and Dave Lively


Members:  Cliff and Julie Stranburg with Rufus; Laurie, Tim,
Lyndsay and Bethany Ewert wtih Kona and Marley; Karen
Schneider with Jerry Garcia; Dan and Donna Acevedo with Kate; Kurt and Jackie Leipzig; Dave Lively with Toby; Michael,  Savannah, and Teya Tobin with Harley, Hoover and Topsy; Robbie and Emily Decker; and Pam Willming-Schiller with Bubby.

Guests:  Steve, Trina, Alex and Cassidy Stoffers with 6 month old black female newfie named Willow.


1.  Julie was sent a book entitled “Sam d’Bear” written by Michael Marsden.  It is about a man and his Newfoundland dog and focuses on how the dog betters the man. His dog’s name was “Keeper Bear”.  A letter from the author accompanied the book.  Copies can be obtained from Gray Dog Press in Spokane, WA   Michael can be reached at  His website is is not currently selling the novel.

2,  The application for the Loyalty Days Parade has been submitted.  The event will be on May 1st in Long Beach and the theme is “Honor and Remember”.  Line up will be at 11:00 a.m.

3. We have received the application for the Starlight Parade.  This event will be on June 4th.   Our application and the $250 fee must be submitted by March 4th.  The parade begins at 8:30 pm but we will need to be in the staging area by 3:30 and gather by noon in the usual parking lot to ready the float.  We again discussed borrowing or renting a flat bed truck to enable more members and their dogs to participate in the float.  Tim Ewert took the action to investigate different options for this vehicle.

4. The next club meeting will be held on Monday, March 14 at 7:00 pm at Stranburg’s home.


Laurie led the discussion about fundraising and many suggestions were presented including making and selling items at this year’s Sauerkraut festival such as dog treats, blankets, Designer Duds donated items, photographs with a newfie, and a Raffle for Stained Glass.   Generally, our only significant expenses are the CRNC annual insurance payment in October of $430 and the Starlight Parade application fee of $250, totaling $680.  Having received $355 in dues for the year, we all acknowledge the shortfall and need for fundraising. We discussed increasing the dues or charging a fee for those members who ride on the float at the Starlight Parade but the general consensus was that the fundraiser option was best.  Fundraising ideas will be again discussed at the next board meeting.


Karen brought and distributed copies of the CRNC Constitution and By-Laws as this had been requested in the November meeting.


As of now the club has $60.00 in our account.  With the $380 dues, our balance is $440 so we have sufficient funds to cover our Starlight Parade application fee.  With the $50 CRNC Rescue check received from Cliff and Julie, the total balance is $490.   After Starlight Parade payment, our new balance will be $240 and this amount can be used towards the November 2011 insurance payment, leaving a shortfall of $190.


Michael distributed copies of a draft format for the CRNC “yearbook” and requested comments/edits.  We discussed printing options from hard bound to soft bound/cover and no decisions were made.  Interested members can purchase at a reasonable price and should commit and probably provide advance payment so that the club or Michael don’t have to finance this project.


1.  The web page was discussed.  Traditionally, Michael Marcus has been the CRNC Webmaster but with his illness, he hasn’t been available to update the web site and post our meeting minutes and upcoming events.  The current web site is also connected to the Federal Sentencing program that Michael uses as his role as a federal judge.  So, we are unable to assign someone else as the webmaster.

Michael Tobin agreed to download pictures and any other pertinent information that we should keep.

We discussed creating a new web site but it was not agreed who the new webmaster and web designer would be.   Volunteers for this job are needed and welcome!

2.  The Sisters Parade, held on November 27th, was great fun.  Participating were Dave and Toby; Dan and Donna with Kate; Jackie and Kurt with Lana and Scarlett.


Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2010

Call to order; 7:05 pm
Present:  Cliff and Julie Stranburg with their full pack; Laurie, Lyndsay and Bethany Ewert with Kona; Karen Schneider, Dan and Donna Azevedo; Dave Lively with Toby; Pam Willming with Bubby; Emily Harry and Robert Decker with Lola, and Jackie Leipzig.

Report of President:
1.  Parades:
    a. Loyalty Days Parade.  This was the first parade of the year for the club and CRNC placed First.   It was held at Long Beach, WA on May 2nd.  Julie has the trophy.

    b. Hazel Dell Parade.  This parade is this Saturday, May 15th.  Participants should arrive at 8:00 and judging begins at 9:00. The parade begins at 10:30 a.m.   The theme is “pirate” and Donna brought lots of decorations and costume items to share with the club participants.  In addition, it was recommended that people could wear rolled up jeans, women wear shirts with billowing sleeves, people wear scarves on their heads, etc.  Donna’s daughter will be there to help apply makeup to those interested.  Julie will coordinate the transportation of the float to the staging area.“pirate” and Donna brought lots of decorations and costume items to share with the club participants.  In addition, it was recommended that people could wear rolled up jeans, women wear shirts with billowing sleeves, people wear scarves on their heads, etc.  Donna’s daughter will be there to help apply makeup to those interested.  Julie will coordinate the transportation of the float to the staging area.

    At present, it appears that the following members and their dogs will participate:

Julie and Cliff with Annabelle
Dave with Toby
Laurie, Lyndsay, and Bethany with Kona
Donna with Kate and Lola
(Tobin family…)

If your name is not listed and you would like to attend, please contact Laurie.

    c. Starlight Parade.

1. The parade will be held on Saturday, June 5th
2. We are #51, after Daimler Chrysler and before the Aloha Warriors Marching Band.
3.  We will assemble at 11:00 a.m. at the CNF Parking Lot, located on Raleigh St NW, between NW 20th and NW 21st Streets.
4.  At 4:00 pm, we will depart the CNF lot and move to Davis and NW 10th Streets where we will stay until the parade begins.
5.  If you do not intend to meet at the CNF lot, you must be at the Davis and NW 10th staging area no later than 5:00 pm
6.  Clothing attire:  black shirt, blue jeans and if CRNC logo jacket and /or hat if you have these items.
7.  The float has been redesigned and re-constructed.  It is now limited to 12 newfoundland dogs and approximately the same number of humans.  We ask that the humans on the float be able to sufficiently control their dog with their own strength.  Given the limited area on the float this year, we ask that you RSVP to Karen ( no later than 5 pm, May 28 as to the number of dogs and humans (by names) you would like to have on the float.

Please also indicate if you intend to walk along side the float instead of sitting/standing on the float.  No dogs are permitted to walk alongside the float.  If we have more interested participants than space, we may have to limit each party to one dog.  For now, though, please provide me with your request and we will see if we can accommodate everyone that want to be on the float this year.

2. Other past Events
a. On April 11, members of the club met at the Tualatin Petco and attempted to have a group picture taken.  There were 11 newfies and lots more humans. Limited photos were given to those attending as a club expense.
b. On April 23, Lewis and Clark College invited CRNC to bring their newfies to the campus to visit with the students with the objective of providing some stress relief prior to the beginning of the following week’s final tests.  The students seemed to really enjoy petting the dogs.
Vice President Report: Laurie provided the above information about the Hazel Dell parade.
Secretary report:  New club roster updated information has been distributed with the Starlight email message.
Treasurer report:  As of the end of March 2010, the club checking account balance was $563.14.
Historian Report:  No report
No unfinished business.
Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.

March 8, 2010

Call to order; 7:15 pm


Cliff and Julie Stranburg with their full pack; Laurie, Lyndsay and Bethany Ewert with Kona; Karen Schneider with Jerry Garcia, Dan and Donna Azevedo with Olivia, Lola and Kate; Kurt and Jackie Leipzig with Scarlett and Lana; Dave Lively with Toby; Jo Jo Davison; Michael and Teya Tobin with Hoover, Harley and Topsy; and new member Pam Willming with Bubby.

Report of President:

1. Julie has submitted our application and $250 payment for the 2010 Starlight Parade that will be held on Saturday, June 5th.  The “first” gathering to disassemble and reassemble the float will be held at Cliff and Julie’s house on Saturday, April 3rd at 9:00 a.m.   Lunch will be served.  Please bring tools and be prepared to roll up your sleeves and help wherever possible.  We have a challenge ahead to get the float ready for the first parade of the year to be held on May 2nd. See below.  We will schedule subsequent club float working meetings after this initial gathering once we assess the needs.
2. The first parade of the year will be the Loyalty Days Parade at Long Beach on Saturday, May 2nd. The application is in work and will be submitted in early April.   The theme is “Patriotism Always Ready”.  More information to follow.
3. Lewis and Clark has requested CRNC participation in their dog therapy session to be held Friday, April 23rd in the afternoon.  More information including specific time and location will follow.
4. Our Treasurer, Kris, has been incontact with our insurance carrier and we believe our club coverage, and after some confusion with the payment, is in the process of being in place.

Vice President Report:

Laurie will find out more information about the Hazel Dell Parade.  We do know that the theme is “Pirate” and that it will be held on Saturday, May 15th.
On a very sad note, Laurie told the club that she and her family had to put Morgan down in late January.  We all last saw her at the January potluck and she will be missed by all of us.

Secretary report:

New club Roster reflecting the addition of Pam is attached.
Karen agreed to contact Michael Marcus and ask if we need to update our Bylaws.  Karen will also send Donna and Jackie the group email addresses and cc Laurie.

Treasurer report:

As of the end of January 2010, the club checking account balance was $805.14.

Historian Report:

The club Scrapbook is in the process of being updated and will need additional pages.  No updates have been made since 2004 so any pictures you may have and can provide to Michael and Teya will be of great help.

No unfinished business.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

January 10, 2010

Call to order; 2:20 pm


Cliff and Julie Stranburg, Tim and Laurie, Lyndsay and Bethany Ewert, Karen Schneider and Lou Perretta, Dan and Donna Azevedo, Kurt and Jackie Leipzig,  Robert Decker and Emily Harry, Dave Lively, Jim Flood, Sherry Farris, Scott and Jo Jo Davison , Savannah and Michael, Teya, Trista and Tristan Tobin.  Guests  Lawrence and Claudia Frey with bronze puppy Joker.

 Membership Dues:

Membership dues for 2010 were counted.  We now have 12 active members including those considered “family” and “individual”.  $340 in dues have been collected from these members and $65 for rescue donations.  The checks will be forwarded tomorrow to Kris Cooper for deposit into the CRNC bank account.

Officer Ballots:

Jo Jo Davison agreed to open the sealed ballots and count them.  She reported that the 2009 officers have again been unanimously re-elected.  In addition, we now have the Historian position by Savannah Tobin who has agreed to pick up the club scrapbook where it was left off last year by Jo Jo.

Officers are:

President:             Julie Stranburg

Vice President:        Laurie Ewert

Secretary:             Karen  Schneider

Treasurer:             Kris Cooper

Historian:             Savannah Tobin

Members at Large:        Cliff Stranburg

                                        Michael Tobin

Report of President:

1.   Founding CRNC members Cathy and Bill Meade have donated a cart to the club.  Cliff and Julie have the cart.

2.    Julie has received the application for the 2010 Starlight Parade that will be held on Saturday, June 5th.  After discussion about the amount of work that would be needed to bring the float up to par, the club voted in agreement to participate in the 2010 parade and to contribute time and materials to make it acceptable.  The main body of the float is off the trailor and will need to be re-installed.  There may need to be other work to fix the float.  It was agreed that a group gathering to fix the float would occur sometime in late March or early April.

3.    Lewis and Clark has requested CRNC members and their newfies to participate in a dog therapy function at the college for the benefit of the students who are under great stress from their school work.  The tentative timeframe is in late April and more information will be provided.  The club agreed to support this event.

4.    Julie was  asked by Pam Wilming to bring Newfs to the group home for developmentally disabled adults by Villabois.  The club has been asked to participate in a function where the members and their newfies would visit the home and allow the residents to brush and groom the newfies.  More information will be provided when made available.

5.    The Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFSA)  needs participation in Paws for a Cause, an event  that is scheduled for March 6.  They will also accept donations in the form of leashes, collars, water bowls, etc for use by shelter animals.  Tickets for $30 each may be purchased by calling 503-747-7818.  They took in a rescue newf and housed her until Newf Rescue could make arrangements.  (Two Stranburg dogs came from OFOSA.)

6.    Other upcoming club events, for which more information will be provided at  the next club meeting(s) include:

a.      Loyalty Days Parade in Long Beach, WA, first Sunday in May.

b.      Hazel Dell Parade

c.      Scappoose Festival  always in September.

Vice President: CRNC now has a facebook page

Secretary report:  New Club Roster will be attached to the meeting minutes.

Treasurer report:  To be provided separately

No Historian at this time.

No unfinished business.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm, followed by a delicious pot luck including baked ham and turkey, Croissants, beverages and a sheet cake provided by Cliff and Julie, and many other goodies brought by club members.

November 9, 2009

Call to order; 7:05 pm

Present:  Dan and Donna Azevedo, Kurt and Jackie Leipzig, guests Robert and Emily with young Lola, Dave Lively, Julie and Cliff.

 Welcome new member Dave Lively who has recently added brown pup Toby to his pack.  Toby is from the same litter as Savannah’s new brown pup Topsey.  Donna and Jackie are also getting brown pups from Edie.  Soon the float will have more brown Newfs than black!

Report of President; the homecoming game at Lewis and Clark proved to be a fun event with lots of food.  It was well attended by most of the local club members.  Monica Baker, our contact, has reported very positive feedback from all attending the games.  She emailed about the college “adopting” CRNC as their official Newfy club and wanted to know how they could be more involved with us as well.  Donna suggested help on the float and some of the kids could be our out walkers on the Starlight Parade, saving the knees and feet of us “older” members.

Annabelle and I attended the second game on 11/7 despite heavy rain.  I was asked by one of the girls next to me if I would bring the dogs to her last volleyball game that night.  Subi, Annabelle and I went back at 7 pm and watched the most fun game I have seen in quite a while.  Subi and Annabelle were fussed over and petted and photographed.  The lady in charge of the foreign exchange students told me how much they appreciate us bringing the dogs as that is what the kids miss the most when they start school.  Their pets they had to leave behind.  Despite the noise Belle and Subi were calm and slept part of the time.  I don’t know if I would take a young dog.  Loud music and lots of energy.  Might be too much for a youngster to handle.  On the other hand, major socialization if they can handle it!

The last game of the season on 11/14 was well attended again.  The dogs followed the flag bearer out with their flag that has the huge Newf mascot head.  Laurie and the girls brought Kona, Dan and Donna brought Lola and Olivia and I had Annabelle.  Again, they provided free hot dogs and drinks.  Annabelle remembered the free hot dogs and again was given one from Monica.  She will keep me posted regarding upcoming basketball games etc that we can attend and I will post to the website and group email.

Caron DeSilva called and reports that she has in her rescue a 3 yr old VERY LARGE male, just recently neutered, who was used as stud dog and never even had a collar on.  He will need a pretty strong experienced hand and lots of training.  There is also a female who was used as a breeding bitch, same thing.  Not trained at all.  She will also be spayed.   There is also a very nice healthy 10 year old who badly needs a quiet foster or permanent home.  Please tell everyone about this nice boy and find him at least a foster home.  Caron also suggests using the funds in our rescue to try to find a solution to Kona’s severe leakage problem that was not known at the time she was adopted, and thought to be just a simple bladder infection.  An IVP was negative for any obvious problem and we will see what Dr. Weber can do.  He will honor her rescue discount.

Vice President: absent with sick kids.

Secretary report:  Back east this week.

Treasurer report:  After being reimbursed for insurance bill and business license totaling 490.00 on her Visa, adding 2 new members and money earned at the Scappoose Festival we have a balance of $409.79.

No Historian at this time.

Committee person; slowly collecting papers from the usual members running for office.  At this time looks like the same members.

No unfinished business.

An email was sent to regarding the annual Doggie Walk Monday, November 30th at 5:00-9:00 pm at the Winter Wonderland, Portland international Raceway.  Admission is $5.00 for adults, children under 13 free.  Last year there were 1100 walkers and 600 dogs.  The track is closed to allow only dogs and walkers.  There are special treats for the dogs.  This is open to all dog owners to feel free to invite any friends.  A member did the walk last year with her newf and said it was a lot of fun.

 The next meeting will be in January and ballots will be counted electing the board for 2010.  This meeting will held on SUNDAY, JANUARY 10th instead of the usual Monday.  It will be an early meeting and potluck social, dogs included.  Stranburg’s will supply the protein, most likely BBQ.  Weather permitting; we will also do a quick walk on the trails thru the woods.

The club boat will have a new berth at Kurt and Jackie Leipzig, as she and Donna are the only ones actively doing water work with their dogs.

The red cart will be at Acevedo’s as we only use it at the Scappoose festival.  We still have Davison’s Saco cart here with double hitch if anyone is interested in buying it.  You can contact me for Jojo’s number.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm

Julie Stranburg

September 14, 2009

In attendance:
Pam, Kelly, Garrett and Devon with Bubby (black newfie puppy)
Ann and Jackie
Ann and Donnie
Julie, and her 7 pack
Other Members:
 Michael, Taya and Tristin Tobin with Hoover and Harley
Report of the President:
a. Past Events:
    i. On August 3rd, CRNC attended the Washington School for the Blind event in Vancouver.  This was Klunker’s last CRNC activity.  In attendance were Laurie and Bethany with dogs Kona and Morgan; Ann with Lola; Pam with Garrett and dog Bubby and Julie with dog Klunker.  Kona provided cart rides for the children.   The children also greatly enjoyed petting the dogs.

    ii.  On September 4th, members of the CRNC attended the PIO Fair at Lewis and Clark College.   “Pio” is short for “Pioneer” and is also the name of Lewis and Clark Newfoundland dog mascot (not Seaman). In attendance were Cliff and Julie with Subi and Annabelle, and Debbie.   The food was plentiful and quite good, especially the greek food, that was inadvertently shared by some of  quardrapeds, most noteworthy Subi, much to the chagrin of one of the female college students who got slimed in the process.  With food on plates on the ground, it was just too tempting.

b.  Upcoming events include:

1. Doggie Palooza is Sunday the 20th,  day after Scappoose Festival.  10-5 at the Forestry Center.
2. Sept. 19th Scappoose Festival from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm at Heritage Park.  The theme this year is “Superhero” so we will endeavor to dress our newfies in costumes that fall in this category (e.g., Superman).  There will even be “cabbage bowling”.  We have a booth area for our use and will put up our club banners.  Julie will arrive around 8:00 a.m. to help set up.  We will be provided cart rides.
Report of the Vice President
Not present.
Historian report: we currently have no historian but are soliciting for volunteers to keep the scrapbook that Jojo Davison created up to date.  Any volunteers?

Treasurer Report:  Not present.

Secretary Report:  Present but no news to report.

c.  Other Club News:

It is with great sadness that Julie and Cliff had to say goodbye in August to Klunker, their wonderful 14 year old newfie.  Klunker’s absence at the club meeting was very noticeable and Klunker is already sorely missed by us all.

ADJOURN:  Meeting adjourned at 8:00.

July 13, 2009

In attendance:

Ed Maass with Ogee visiting from Colorado
Emily with Lola (1 year old black newfie)
Pam, Kelly and Devon with Bubby (13 week black newfie)

Julie, Cliff and her 8 pack
Laurie, Lyndsay, Bethany Ewert with Kona and Morgan
Karen with Jerry Garcia

Other Members:
Michael and Teya Tobin with Hoover and Harley
Jim Flood with Polka Dot (teacup poodle but she is black!)

Report of the President:
a. Description of the Starlight Parade along with photographs will be ready for uploading to the club website shortly.  Technical difficulties delayed this process.
b.  Upcoming events include:
1. Carting Trial to be conducted by Edie Foster at Julie’s house on Tile Flat Road sometime over the next couple weeks.  Julie has 2 carts for club members to use.  Objective is to teach the newfies how to pull the cart, in preparation for the event described below.  This training event will occur on a Saturday and depends upon Edie’s availability.
2. Saturday, August 8 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at Washington State School for the Blind.  Event is held for the benefit and participation of children aged 1 to 3 years who are either partially or fully blind.  This will give them a chance to ride in the carts and pet the newfies.
3. Sept. 19th Scappoose Festival from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm.  The theme this year is “Superhero” so we will endeavor to dress our newfies in costumes that fall in this category (e.g., Superman).  More information to follow

Report of the Vice President:
Laurie, Lyndsey and Bethany attended the July 8th Ft. Clatsop festival with Morgan.  The Daily Astorian published an interview with Laurie and the joys and challenges of owning a newfie.  The article and pictures are posted on the club website.

Historian report: we currently have no historian but are soliciting for volunteers to keep the scrapbook that Jojo Davison created up to date.  Any volunteers?
Treasurer Report:  Not present but did inform us that, as of July 12th, our bank balance is $767.79

Secretary Report:  Present but news to report.

ADJOURN:  Meeting adjourned at 7:35.

May 11, 2009


Attending the meeting were:
Justin and Rachael Thomas with Chloe and Porter
Laurie, Lyndsay, Bethany Ewert with Kona and Morgan
Dan and Donna Acevedo, Kurt and Jackie Leipzig
Michael and Teya Tobin with Hoover and Harley
Jim Flood with Polka Dot (teacup poodle but she is black!)
Julie and her 8 pack.

Report of Prez: We took first place at the Loyalty Days parade thanks to Teya dressing up as Sacajawea.

The plaque will be on the wall at their beach house.  Riding the float was Laurie, Lyndsay and Bethany with Morgan and Kona,  Michael, Savannah, Teya, Trista and Tristin Tobin with Hoover and Harley, Julie with Annabelle, Klunker and Bad Ben (who was exiled to the tow vehicle before we even started the parade route.)

Report of Vice Prez:  Laurie has entered us in the Hazel Dell parade on the 16th.  She has told them we need to be closer to the beginning of the parade and if it is hot like last year we will cancel.

Historian report: we currently have no historian but Jojo Davison left a wonderful scrap book of club activities back to the late 90’s and Mt Hood parties.  We can all try to keep it up to date.  If someone is a “scrapper” please let me know.  I would hate to mess up such a work of art by just pasting photos into it.

Treasurer:  April 09 bank balance: $787.79
Haven't received the May statement yet.

Secretary: absent.

New business:  A work party will work on the float in preparation for the Starlight Parade at Stranburg’s on Sunday May 17, 10:30.  Work to be done includes painting the bow, hanging more lights and re-working the back boxes.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30.

March 9th, 2009

Officers in attendance:
President – Julie Stranburg with newfies Klunker, Subi, Rufus and Ben
Vice-President – Laurie Ewert with Morgan and newfie Kona
Secretary - Karen Schneider
Member at Large – Cliff Stranburg

Meeting convened at 7:30 pm; Adjourned at 8:30 pm

Members in attendance:
    Scott and Jo Jo Davison with newfie Annabelle; Michael and Savannah Tobin with Tristan and Taya and newfies Harvey and Hoover; Kurt and Jackie Leipzig with newfie Lana

Guests in attendance:
     Sonya and Kris with newfie puppy Kade

Presidents Report:
1. In addition to the quarterly club meeting, thank you’s and good-byes were given to Scott and Jo Jo Davison, who have been actively involved in the club for many years and who are about to move to Bangladesh to support mission work.
2. Karen Schneider was introduced as the new Secretary, replacing Jo Jo.
3. Construction on the float will occur Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15 at Cliff and Julie Stranburg’s house.   1 inch particle board is needed but all needed pieces and parts will be determined when members arrive on Saturday and assess the repair needs of the float.  Members were advised to arrive between 10 and 11 a.m. on each day.
Likely changes:
Larger area for generator in back
Blue LED lights to use as waves

Other upcoming events:
1. Loyalty Days parade is first parade of the year.  First weekend of May (May 3rd) at Long Beach, WA.  More information to follow.
2. May 16th Hazeldale Parade.  Laurie Ewert took action to check dates and participation requirements including application
3. Julie has completed the application for the starlight parade along with the $250 application fee.  Parade is on May 30th
4. Next CRNF board meeting will be held at same location on May 11th

Vice-Presidents Report:
Laurie will research Hazeldale parade

Treasurer’s Report (as communicated by Julie Stanburg):
Bank balance is currently $212.79.  With Karen Schneider’s dues that have yet to be deposited ($35), balance is effectively $247.79.
$195 to rescue

Secretary’s Report:  Karen Schneider mentioned the March 11th fundraiser for Dove Lewis.  Information can be found at

Historian Report:
Not in attendance.

Jan 12th, 2009

Members in attendance:

Jim Flood, Mike Tobin with Harley & Hoover, Laurie, Lyndsay & Bethany with Morgan and Kona, Jojo & Scott Davison with Annabelle, Cliff & Julie with 8 pack.

Presidents Report:

Votes counted and the results are:
President – Julie Stranburg
Vice-President – Laurie Ewert
Secretary - Karen Schneider
Member at Large – Cliff Stranburg & Jim Flood (by default because Rick cannot come to meetings)

    We need to start construction on the float in March. (March work day – to be determined).  At the March meeting on the 9th we will decide on changes that need to be made.
Proposed changes:

Larger area for generator in back
Blue LED lights to use as waves
    Loyalty Days parade is first parade of the year.  First weekend May 1st – 3rd –usually, at Long Beach, WA.

    Julie has application for starlight and will be sending it in. $250 application fee.  Parade is on May 30th

Vice-Presidents Report:-

Laurie will Call on Hazeldell parade. Possibly -May 16th
Secretary Report:
$320 dues for 2009 were collected and will be deposited to CRNC BofA acct
$195 to rescue
Treasurer Report:
Not in attendance
Historian Report:
Not in attendance.
November 10, 2008
7:30 Call to order
Presidents Report
Julie is determined to schedule more social activities in 2009, we discussed what we have on the calendar:
January – Meeting on the 12th, Ballot counting for board positions.
February –
March – Meeting on the 9th.
April –
May –Loyalty Days Parade, Long Beach Washington on the 3rd.  Plan to come for the weekend.
    Meeting on the 11th.
June –Starlight Parade, Portland on the 6th.  Plan to help disassemble  float on the 7th.
July –Seaman’s Day, Fort Astoria on the 8th.
    Meeting on the 13th.
August –Lake Day, Ocean Park, Washington date TBD.
September – Scappoose Festival on the 19th.
Meeting on the 14th.
October – Potluck at Stranburg’s for a day of carting work, date TBD.
November –Veterans Day Parade on the 7t , Portland.  Klunker’s Birthday Party and Fall    Hike date TBD.
Meeting on the 9th.
December – Pictures with Santa to benefit OFOSA date TBD.

Some event dates need confirmation.

17 people and 16 dogs attended Klunker’s Birthday Party and Fall Hike.  All enjoyed carrot cake and light ice cream.

Julie also reminded the board members that if they miss two consecutive board meetings then they are eligible for removal.

Vice Presidents Report – Laurie Ewert

They went and viewed the Vancouver Parade in October and got soaking wet.  They were glad they went and thought the club might want to participate next year.
Secretary Report – Jojo Davison
Scott Davison is the nominating coordinator this year and ballots will go out soon, they must be received by January 12th meeting to be counted.

Treasurer Report – Kris Cooper

On vacation…
Historian – Michael Flood
Not in attendance.

Meeting ended at 8:25pm

Sept. 8, 2008

Present:   Julie Stranburg (& gang)
                  Laurie, Lyndsay, Bethany Ewert with Morgan and Kona
                  Michael, Taya Tobin with Hoover and Harley
                  Guest: Cyle Newton from Lafayette, Ind.    (has Newfie & wife,Ursa & baby girl at home)

Call to Order  7:30pm
President’s Report:
    Scappoose Sauerkraut Festival is Sept. 20, 2008. We will share the space with Columbia County Humane Society. We will bring canopies only and displays without the float. Set up is between 6am and 9am. Runs from 10am – 6pm.    We will meet to set up at 8am.
No other news at this time. No other events pending.

VP Report:  ( none)
Treasurer:  no new activity
Annual club election info to be sent out in November.
Ended: 8pm
More visiting with each other and the dogs. Saw pictures of Cyle’s Newfie and family.

Columbia River Newfoundland Club
Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2008

Present:   Cliff & Julie Stranburg , and their whole “gang”
                  Laurie, Lyndsay, Bethany Ewert and Morgan & Kona
                   Jim Flood and Polka Dot
                  Michael,Taya,Tristan Tobin and Harley & Hoover

7:30pm Call to Order
• President’s Report:
 Three Parades in May :  Long Beach, Wa.,  Loyalty Days Parade,   Hazel Dell, Wa. Parade of Bands, and the Portland, Or. Rose Festival Starlight Parade. Members also participated in the Rose Festival Jr. Parade in June.
Regarding the Starlight Parade, we need more illumination on the float. The Bronsons purchased the generator we needed for that night. We can rent it from them for future parades versus such a large club purchase for a once a year event. We will also have a Starlight Parade “uniform”. Participants will wear blue jeans and a black shirt. (either club jacket or hat)
Next Event: Scappoose Sauerkraut Festival, Sept. 20, 2008.      Contact Julie if interested.
Next year: Long Beach, Wa. Doggie Olympics would be good to plan on attending. It supports the no kill shelter there.  It starts at noon on Saturday, June 20, 2009.  All types of contests for ALL skill levels.  (see their website for more info)
****MOVE MEETINGS TO 2ND MONDAY OF EACH MONTH.  New members Debbie Foster and Matt ____ have six Newfs between them! Due to health issues, she can make it on Mondays….if no one else has conflict, we can do this.
New Club Pups (or older dog members) :  Finnegan, Lola, Harley, Olivia, Kona
All Club Jackets in, 3 left at $60 each, 4 hats @ $15 each. (Hillyers has logo)
Scott & Jojo have moved to new house. They need to sell the Sacco Cart. It is at Julie’s house.  Cost $1200 originally…..make an offer? Also 2 XL kennels. (collapsible cages)
• VP Report
Laurie, Lyndsay, & Bethany attended the Annual Seaman’s Day Event at Fort Clatsop, Astoria, Or. on July 9, 2008. There were five Newfs there which included our Morgan and Kona. The Daily Astorian newspaper ran a story on it. Good crowd of visitors.
• Treasurer Report
Kris has moved. March report was $1636.53 in checking. We owe Alan $60. Club owes Julie for the jackets & hats. Club owes Luis for new sail on the parade float. Insurance is paid up.

Any weekend in April Louis is available to help with float rebuilding.
7:51 meeting done.