Year 2000 Draft Test

Judi & Darby, Brad and Emma, Doug with Clancy, Ellis with Mackie and Chako, Nancy with Subok, Karen with Cody, Dawn with Kirby
Judges Martin Vroegryk and Ann Dunnigan
(holding the banner: Olivia and Bill Farrell)
photo by Anne Seeley

Ellis Adler briefs the stewards

The walk-through

Karen Brockway and Cody

Judi Adler with Darby

Brad Wall and Emma

John Lambert and Harley

Doug Thor and Clancy

Robin Nelson and Maddie

Ellis Adler, Chako and Mackie

Nancy Lambert with Subok

Debby Giard and Sherpa

Out-of-sight down under the new rules

Heading out for the freight haul

Through the bleachers

Through the woods - DawnHolbrook and Kirby