Newf Rescue

Here is one happy ending to a rescue supported by these rescue efforts

    All three NCA Regional Clubs in the US northwest support rescue work -- "Rescue is the physical act of removing a Newfoundland from a situation where it has been surrendered, abandoned, or is in inhumane conditions" and our work includes "rehoming" rescued Newfs in suitable, safe, and responsible homes.  We cooperate in responding as the need arises, with volunteers to transport, provide termporary foster placement, and obtain necessary veterinary care for Newfs in need, and to screen prospective adoptive homes.  If you are

    Please contact one or more of the following rescue workers:
Western Oregon, Portland and surrounding area; Clark County, Washington:
Eastern & Central Oregon, Idaho, Montana:
Olympia, Seattle and North-Central Washington:
Caron da Silva, Rescue Chair, Pacific Northwest Newfoundland Club (PNNC): Contact either Caron da Silva or NCS rescue Newfoundland Club of Seattle (NCS) 425 557 7630

    For more information on finding a Newfoundland to bring to your home, see our page on "Finding a Newfoundland Puppy" (not limited to puppies);
    If you wish to contact the Newfoundland Club of America Rescue Chair, she is Mary L. Price, 1004 Hwy 78 So., Mt. Horeb, WI 53572. You may reach her by e-mail at (There's a link to the NCA website on our homepage);
    The NCA rescue contact list is at
    You may also wish to visit The Newfoundland Rescue Web Ring, The "Newf Rescue" site or the Newfoundland Rescue Service.

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